Member Services

The Nevada county assembly website
provides three distinct forms of membership:

The People's Law Library

The People's Law Library is available to members of our private, online community, and all private individuals, who are seeking to govern themselves by developing and exercising knowledge of Constitutional and Natural Law, are welcome to request membership. This archive of course materials will introduce members to knowledge of unalienable Natural Rights and practical information on how to claim and protect these Rights by lawfully correcting one's status as one Private American National. The People's Law Library is a resource available to all private individuals, seeking to know and practice the Law.

The Nevada county assembly

The Nevada county assembly is an organic, de jure assembly of We the People of Nevada county, and membership is eligible only for private individuals, living on the Land of Nevada county, of the Republic of California, and participation in N.c.a. events is further extended to include friends of members as well as diplomats and leaders working in the movement for Sovereignty and the protection of Constitutional Rights.

"The Classifieds"

Barter, Trade, & Gifting network

(Coming soon!)

"The Classifieds" will be a service provided by the Nevada county assembly to all folks living in and around Nevada county, who wish to contract privately, bartering, trading, and gifting resources (think: Craigslist). The service is provided without charge, because we believe and know for a fact that We the People of California are free to contract in the private without permission or oversight of the government.

This service is in the process of being built! And donations are being accepted now to hold by the Assembly as a bounty for the completion of this project! If you are interested in contributed, please contact a core team member.