Barter, Trade, & Gifting Network

Coming soon!

"The Trading Post"
Barter, Trade, & Gifting network

(Coming soon!)

The Trading Post classifieds is provided by the Nevada county assembly and is available to all private individuals within and nearby to Nevada county and the surrounding region, "Gold Country".

"The Trading Post" will be a service provided by the Nevada county assembly to all folks living in and around Nevada county, who wish to contract privately, bartering, trading, and gifting resources (think: Craigslist). The service is provided without charge, because we believe and know for a fact that We the People of California are free to contract in the private without permission or oversight of the government.

This service is in the process of being built! And donations are being accepted now to hold by the Assembly as a bounty for the completion of this project! If you are interested in contributed, please contact a core team member.